How To Buy Shares

Posted by Ben Fisher on

Buying shares is a two step process. Step One is adding funds to your account, and then Step Two is buying shares.

STEP ONE: Adding Funds

To add funds to your account you have to be logged in, and to be logged in you have to have an account.

You can make an account here:

Once you're logged in select "Deposit" in the menu. That will take you here:

From there you'll see two ways to add funds to your account.

A. The PDF

The PDF is a little weird, but it works great if you want to add funds from a debit or credit card. Just buy the PDF using the same email as your KmikeyM account email, and whatever you pay for the PDF that same amount will be added to your account.

B. Dwolla

We're not using Dwolla anymore, but it was a way to do a direct bank transfer. It took a few days to set up, but now they are closing that part of the service.

STEP TWO: Buying Shares

Once you have funds in your account you can select "Trade" in the menu. And you'll be taken to this URL:

Enter the number of shares you want and you'll see total funds required. Then just click "Buy" and the funds will be withdrawn from your account and the shares added!

If you have any questions or want to arrange another way to add funds you can email me and we'll figure it out.