Get 10K Steps (Everyday)

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First off, if you have a smart watch or something you don't need this, right? But if you're counting your steps using just your phone, STOP BEING A DUM DUM! Your phone can't count steps when you put it down! You need a dedicated step counter. Okay, but let's start with the basics.

10,000 Steps: EVERYDAY

I learned this life lesson from my step guru, the indomitable STEP DADDY. After you get your sleep and DRINK YOUR WATER, you need those steps. YOU. NEED. THOSE. STEPS.

NOTE: You don't have to buy this thing! Just get your 10K steps.

This isn't a fitbit or some brand name high end wrist computer. It's just a simple little electronic pedometer that will count every step, even when you put your phone down or forget it in the bathroom or whatever. I use an Apple Watch, because I'm a fancy lad, and STEP DADDY uses a fitbit, but no matter what you use, just get up and get those steps, right? Correct.

And follow STEP DADDY for more inspiration on getting up and getting steps. Remember: Sleep, drink water, and get steps. Everything else in life is gravy.