Let's face facts. you can't be the best. I dont' care what you do, if you're looking at my store you are not at the top of your field. If you were, you'd be at sports practice, or daytrading, or programming a new AI to trick people into buying things. But you're here, which means, like me, you're just trying to be the BEST YOU that exists. And here's the thing, because you're you, you are the best you, even when you're a total screw up. 

But don't be lazy! GET UP AND GET GOING. You need to get your sleep, you need to drink water, and you need to get 10K steps. That's the baseline. Call it Merrill's Pyramid of Needs... and you don't get to level two until you achieve the base. 

Good Luck.

10K Steps (Everyday)
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The Secret To Being Happy
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