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Get Your Money Together

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I was in debt. I felt stupid. I had maxed out three credit cards and owed tens of thousands to the IRS and borrowed money from friends. I was ashamed to log in and check my balances.

Then I met Lillian Karabaic. 

Making less money than me she has been able to do everything I couldn't afford to do. And on top of that, she was willing to share her techniques and the framework of how she thought about money. I am not exaggerating that it changed my life.

Not everyone can sit down with Lillian and have her help guide them into financial responsibility, but anyone can buy her book, GET YOUR MONEY TOGETHER, which combines cats with purrsonal finance (get it?). It's amazing and everything we talked about is in here and more.

Lillian has agreed to give me a bulk discount so I can share her book with my shareholders. Buy now and not only do you get a copy of the book but I'll also add a share of KmikeyM to your account.

Note: You're joining a bulk order, so there will be shipping delays, but hey, it's discounted, and I'm not charging for shipping, plus you're getting a free share. If you're impatient you can always buy it direct from Amazon.