Report on 'Aerotropolis'

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Have you read Aerotropolis? Bloomberg BusinessWeek said "Kasarda and Lindsay are onto something big seems beyond dispute." The New York Times says the authors should "be congratulated for their bluntness and their provocations." Clearly there is something going on here!

But who has the time to read 480 pages about the future of airports? Not me. I've commissioned a writer to read this essential book for me and write up a synopsis. After reading this short one-page report (461 words) you will have no need to read the book. You'll gain unique insight into Kasarda and Lindsay's thesis and walk away with everything you'd get from reading the book.

Look at it this way. Amazon is selling the book for $19.01, but you can get it for just 99 cents and also save all the time it would take to read the book!